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"Don't forget to support us by watching the video of the first single and buying the full album...
... Stay RnFnR!"


- Nick "Stay" Bacci -

The ‘Stay’ is officially born in 2019 from the idea of ​​the band's singer and guitarist, Niccolò ‘Stay’ Bacci (hence the name of the band), but the idea started much earlier. It was 2012 when Niccolò, after having played in many bands, decided that he wanted to start making his own music, tired of the bad situations that are created in many bands. And from there Niccolò started writing songs in their entirety, and once he had enough material, he decided to self-produce an album with his own music (after losing confidence in small labels, he didn't even look for one). It took years and the work slowed down a lot, but finally 2019 is the year of the release of "A New Road". The album was entirely written, played by him, and recorded at Ep Creations Audio Recording, but he needed a band to play it live, and so the research started. It took time, because he wanted someone who believed strongly in the project and were willing to enter the composition for the future, and Niccolò found these people! And the whole band is here, ready to play their music around the world!

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Nick "Stay" Bacci (lead vocal and guitars)

Sara Gulminelli (keybords and backing vocals)


Emanuele Biavati (guitars)

Simone Scagliarini (Drums)

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