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New Single "Ginevra" coming out on 05-24-2019

Aggiornamento: 11 mag 2019

The new single coming with the first video released by Stay...

With immense pride I announce the release of the first single from the album "A New Road". The single is "Ginevra", will be released on May 24th, and you can find it on Itunes and similar platforms. But we do not stop here, the release of the single is accompanied by the first music video. For this video, we collaborated with a great showgirl, directly from England, Dani Divine. Many of you know her, and those of you who do not know her ... now you have the opportunity to remedy this affront! The video was written, filmed and directed by Oscar Serio, with Andrea Cencini director of photography. Remember to subscribe to the youtube channel, and like like like!

Stay RnFnR!

Link to Youtube channel

Link to Video (05-24-2019)

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