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Who is Stay?

About us...

Who is Stay? I am Niccolò Bacci, in art Stay, this musical project started from me. After playing in many bands, I decided to make my own music. And here we are, if you have noticed, in the album "A New Road", I am the only one to be present in the booklet etc. This is because the album was entirely written by me, all the instruments, all the lyrics and the music. And I'm also the co-producer with Enrico Pedrini (EPcreations). But of course to play the music around, alone it is not enough. And here comes the band. The band that is already involved in the writing of the new songs, and that strongly believes in this project. So it is not considered "Stay" as a soloist, but as a band. See it this way, a man who takes a road on his own, and in the path he meets people who travel with him.

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